Testover E



Application: injectable

Dosage: 250mg/ml

Package: 1

Package Type: vial


Testover E (Testosterone Enanthate) by Vermodje is an essential drug which is used to treat conditions pertaining to the production or regulation of Testosterone in both males and females. However, there are several other medical conditions as well which are treated by the use or administration of Testover E under medical or non-medical setup.

Testosterone is one of the most essential steroid from which many other steroids are derived. Also, testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible for many distinct functions inside a human body such as growth and maturity of sexual organs. The testosterone also lays a vital role in the muscle and bone growth in the males until they reach maturity. Also, testosterone is a secondary sexual hormone in the female body and is responsible for regulating various physical, emotional and mental aspects of development in their body.

Testover E (Testosterone Enanthate) Benefits Bodybuilding

Testover E (Testosterone Enanthate) has strong anabolic as well as androgenic properties. The user can gain fabulous muscle mass with this steroid; however the muscle building process takes time. You should only buy Testover E Vermodje if you are looking for a premium but gradual muscle gain. Testover E is highly popular among bodybuilders and power lifters. This steroid focuses on two important features of muscle building; protein synthesis and nitrogen retention as protein and nitrogen both are the basic builders of muscles. The greater the content of the two, the more enhanced muscles you will get. Testover E also inhibits protein catabolism which breaks down the protein stored in the muscles and uses the as energy; instead it targets the fat cells and breaks down the fat stored to use them as energy thereby getting rid of the fat stored in the body.

Another reason to buy Testover E Vermodje is that this drug increases the production of the red blood cells in the body. A greater number of red blood cells in the body account for more carriers of oxygen. This helps in building stamina and the user feels renewed energy levels in the body. Also this steroid helps the body to bear the intense training workouts and later aids in recovering from the stress and strain of the rigorous exercises. Our body contains satellite cells which repair the damaged muscles; this steroid also accelerates the activity of the satellite cells making the body recover faster.

Bodybuilders and other sports person also buy Testover E Vermodje because it gives a general feeling of good health and well being. You can enhance your performance level with this steroid. If you want to build quality muscles and get rid of your body fat at the same time, you should buy Testover E Vermodje because with its use you can get a superior and muscular lean physique.

Vermodje Testover E (Testosterone Enanthate) Dosage

The ideal dose for Testover E Vermodje when used in the bodybuilding setting is 400mg to 500mg. Apart from being the dose that gives you the most anabolic benefits, this is also the amount that staves off the possibility of experiencing adverse side effects in the process. The minimum cycle for Testover E steroid is 8 weeks and can be stretched up to 16 weeks.