Testosterone Cypionate


Manufacturer: GENESIS

Application: injectable

Dosage: 250mg/ml

Package: 1

Package Type: vial


Testosterone Cypionate Injection Genesis represents an injectable steroid and it is considered to be the most popular and most used testosterone. Testosterone Cypionate, like testosterone enatanthe, is an oil-dissolved injectable form of testosterone with strong androgenic and anabolic effects. It aromatizes quite easily which means that the conversion rate to estrogen, similar to testosterone enanthate’s, is relatively high.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection Dosage

When you order Testosterone Cypionate online, it’s wise to be aware of the correct doses beforehand so that you’re fully prepared. The dosages vary between users depending on a number of factors; one of the most prominent ones being gender. Female users are advised to avoid buying 250 mg of cypionate since they wouldn’t be able to reap the rewards as much – the negative effects would take over. The compound is simply too potent.

  • For the best possible results, splitting up your doses twice on a weekly basis has been found to be incredibly effective. So if you were taking 300 mg per week, try splitting it up evenly into two doses of 150 mg each. Having said that, there have been people who have seen fantastic results by taking just one dosage of Testosterone Cypionate a week, but for the majority of the research that’s been carried out, taking it twice a week has created better results.
  • For those who have never taken this product before, taking between 300 and 500 mg a week will produce some outstanding results. Starting with 300 mg first and slowly working your way up would be beneficial as it gives you the chance to see how you react.
  • If you’ve had some more experience, a dosage in the range of 500 and 700 mg once a week would provide you with the most noticeable results. Although, many people do not even have to ever go above the 500 mg mark – it all comes down to how you respond to the prohormone.
  • People who are veterans have been known to take weekly doses in the regions of 700 and 1000 mg. This is not something that we would implore anyone to do, it’s a personal choice and prior to deciding to buy Testosterone Cypionate online, you should know that the higher doses make it more likely for you to have to deal with the fallout, which is the adverse reactions your body has.

Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Testosterone Cypionate is subject to the action of the enzyme aromatase in the body, so the side effects are the side effects of estrogen. The rate of aromatization is directly related to the amount of used substance, and together with increasing doses aromatization is higher. Estrogenic side effects include: excessive water retention and bloating, elevated blood pressure (e.g. due to water retention in the body), accelerated fat deposition and gynecomastia.

The side effects of estrogen can be reduced or completely avoided by using aromatase inhibitors or SARMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators). Among androgenic side effects are: increased secretion of sebum (oily skin), acne (in terms of increased secretion of sebum), body hair growth, and increased risk of inducing male pattern baldness (MPB) in persons with a genetic predisposition. Anabolic / androgenic steroids can have deleterious effects on blood cholesterol levels. This includes a tendency to reduce HDL (good) cholesterol and increase LDL (bad) cholesterol.

All anabolic steroids have the ability to suppress or shut down the natural endogenous production of testosterone in the body, and Sustanon 250 is no exception. After the end of the cycle, it is highly recommended to use a suitable PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).