Testaplex S100


Manufacturer: AXIO LABS

Application: injectable

Dosage: 100mg/ml

Package: 1

Package Type: vial


Testaplex S100 (Testosterone Suspension) by AxioLabs is one of the top choices of bodybuilders when it comes to steroids. This is because this steroid provides the fastest and best results in terms of body mass building and one of the most effective steroids for bulking up.

Testaplex S100 is unique among the steroids derived from the same hormone because it is the only one without any ester components. The less ester a steroid contains, the faster it is absorbed by the bodies and the faster its effects are manifested. Having no ester, Testosterone Suspension is said to be a “pure” version of testosterone.

Testaplex S100 (Testosterone Suspension) Effects

A combination of testosterone compounds with usual strong anabolic and androgenic action that increases nitrogen retention and the levels of the growth in the muscle tissue. Testaplex S100 quickly convert to estrogen and is usually accompanied by severe bloat and water retention. For bodybuilders and athletes it represents the decisive extreme dose.

Is used in medicine to treat impotence at hormonal origin, symptoms of male climax, undeveloped genitals symptoms, early-stage prostate hypertrophy, deficit after castrating, osteoporosis caused by androgenic insufficiency in men and vascular and nerve disorders. For women I used in the treatment of ovarian and breast cancer.

Testaplex S100 AxioLabs Reviews

Athletes often use Testaplex S100 for “drying” in the final preparation for a competition. They note a pronounced fat-burning effect, providing relief of muscle and visual beauty. At the same time reviews of Testosterone Suspension suggests a high probability of estrogenic responses in high dosages.

Many athletes who use this steroid, complaining about the need for frequent injections and pain. As a way out, you can combine the hormone with one of painkillers. Reviews of Testaplex S100 AxioLabs are recommended those who need a quick and pronounced anabolic effect.