Sustaplex 325


Manufacturer: AXIO LABS

Application: injectable

Dosage: 325mg/ml

Package: 1

Package Type: vial


Sustaplex 325 AxioLabs is a very popular steroid, very much appreciated by its users due to its advantages over other testosteron compounds. Sustaplex 325 represents a mixture of 4 different testosterones: testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, testosterone propionate and testosterone decanoate, which, based on the well-timed composition, have a synergetic effect. This special feature has 2 benefits for the athlete:

  • It has a better effect than testosterone enanthate, cypionate, and propionate alone.
  • The effect of the four testosterones is time-released so that Sustaplex 325 goes rapidly into the system and remains effective in the body for several weeks. Due to the propionate also included in the steroid, Sustaplex 325 is effective after one day and, based on the mixed in decanoates, remains active for 3-4 weeks.

Benefits of Sustaplex 325 AxioLabs

Due to its benefits of less fat deposition and less water retention, many bodybuilders and athletes in the United Kingdom jumped onto the bandwagon of using them to make their muscles look good. Sustaplex 325 can promote muscle size, body strength, muscle function as well as nitrogen retention gains. Nitrogen retention plays a pivotal role in the preservation and growth of muscles. To look good, UK bodybuilders tend to diet and during which the caloric intake falls to a deficit level. People tend to burn additional calories than consumption in hopes to burn some body fat. During the process, there is a loss of lean tissue and the function of Sustaplex 325 is to prevent this from happening. In cases where individuals are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, this steroid can assist to prevent the existing muscles from degenerating. Users of Sustaplex 325 also experience improvements in their erectile and libido function.

One of the strong points of Sustaplex 325 is its ability to offer testosterone over a period of time. The idea of using this steroid is to keep performance levels stable at peak levels. Therefore, for it to function at optimal rate, one must utilize it every three days as the dose lessens as time passes by. It is best to consult professional help to cater to your needs and requirements as well as to enjoy the full benefits of this testosterone hormone.

Allowing the user to heighten reflexes and gain physical strength, Sustaplex 325 does so by improving your neuromuscular transmission and increasing the number of motor neurons. Most of the anabolic androgenic steroids does not carry this benefit. Research have shown that there is also an increase in red blood cell production when using this powerful steroid. With the increase in red blood cells, more oxygen is delivered to your body and leads to more substrates. This positive impact means that one will lower chances of having muscle fatigue and cramps that occur due to a lack of oxygen when exercising. Providing more endurance and strength in your training workouts, it is not difficult to see why Sustaplex 325 is rising in popularity. With less pain experienced during strenuous exercises, the muscle recovery period is faster.

Users can see the benefits of using Sustaplex 325 within a time frame of seven to ten weeks. Improving the overall vitality and strength, they can also see a dramatic increase in the level of lean muscle tissue. It promotes protein synthesis which proves to be very helpful in the build-up of muscles. They are ideal for people who have low energy levels and feel drained as a result. Such conditions can have detrimental effects such as sleep disorders and depression. Low levels of androgen has been shown to be one of the main reasons for dementia. The intake of Sustaplex 325 will boost your energy levels and prevent these health issues from happening.

Regardless of your purpose of usage, Sustaplex 325 can help you reach your goals of bulking, increasing energy and endurance levels as well as to enhance athletic performance. With these accrued benefits, it is one of the most versatile steroidal compounds in this area of expertise.

Sustaplex 325 Side Effects

The side effects of Sustaplex 325 are similar to those of Testosterone enanthate (see also Testosterone enanthate) only that they are usually less frequent and less severe . Depending on the predisposition and dosage, the user can experience the usual androgenic-liked side effects such as acne, aggressiveness, sexual overstimulation, oily skin, accelerated hair loss, and reduced production of the body’s own hormones . Water retention and gynecomastia are usually within limits however, in very high dosages , elevated liver values can occur which, after discontinuing use of the compound , usually go back to normal.