Application: injectable

Dosage: 50mg/ml

Package: 1

Package Type: vial


Stanover Vermodje is a synthetic anabolic steroid which contains 50mg/ml of the hormone Stanozolol, and it is commercialized in a 10ml vial.

Stanozolol is often used in medicine for decreasing the frequency of hereditary Angioedema, also like Dianabol (Methandienone), it is used for treating cachexia. By being a strong anabolic steroid , Stanover helps really great in treating serious injuries and burns, for the same reason it is used in periods before and after a surgical operation, or infectious diseases, so the patient can recover much faster. Kidneys insufficiency, anemia, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, asthma are also not a major problem when using Stanozolol. In treatment with corticosteroids, it is a very good helper. An important note would be the fact that Stanover should be taken under the supervision of a qualified Doctor, due to it’s strong anabolic and androgenic effects.

Stanover Steroid Effectiveness Bodybuilding

This is a kind of steroid that is used by different people who engage in vigorous activities in order to gain power and weight. Some of the people who use them include athletes, bodybuilders, gym trainers, and boxers among others. These are the steroids that are known to produce more strength especially the use of injectable Stanover. They are very effective if the correct administration is used.

Most of the athletes and the bodbuilders use this drug together with diets with low or reduced calories but rich in proteins to give the muscles a harder appearance. It is however not used solely when dieting because it has low androgenic compounds which do not protect an athlete from loosing weight. The missing compound is however combined with others so as to balance the effects. Wrong dosages of this Stanover (Stanazolol) can cause serious damages associated with the blood pressures and other medical problems.

Stanover Vermodje Dosage Reviews

The average dose of Stanover for men is 50-100 mg a day for a period of 6-8 weeks and for women 5-10 mg a day for a period of 4-6 weeks. For contest and dieting phases Stanover could be combined with a non-aromatizing androgen such as Parabolan or Restandol, while to accomplish visible bulking effect Stanover is used in combination with Dianabol or Anadrol 50 or Testosterone compounds.

Stanozolol exhibits typical virilization symptoms among women leading to hormone excess including voice deepening, hair loss or clitoris enlargement. Other common side effects for men and women are light color of stool, unusual tiredness, abdominal pain, dark color of urine, headache, nausea and acne.