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Application: injectable

Dosage: 2mg

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Sermorelin (also known as GRF (1-29)) – is a stimulant of growth hormone secretion from the Chinese company St Biotechnology Co. It belongs to the group of peptide hormones GHRH (Growth-hormone-releasing hormone), provides a marked increase in levels of growth hormone (somatropin) in a short time, however, it has a small half-life, so during the course requires multiple daily application.

What effect does Sermorelin?

This is a relatively new drug in the domestic market, which despite its novelty already enjoys a good demand. Apart from GHRH analogs of group (CJC-1295, CJC-1295 DAC) active peptide is frequently used by athletes to achieve high-quality growth of muscle mass, increase endurance, strength and fat loss.

Sermorelin at a specified application (as recommended) virtually no side effects and can be safely used by both men and women. The practice of using the drug dangerous side effects that could interfere with maintaining normal life, not identified.

What positive effect gives Sermorelin peptide? Its main action is tied to increase growth hormone levels. Therefore, improvements which causes a drug identical add-on growth hormone. Thus, during the course of his athlete can secure a high-quality muscle growth, improve the basic physical characteristics (endurance, strength) and generally strengthen the body, including to strengthen his immune defenses.

Also, the results of the use of the peptide may be improving the quality of hair, skin and nails, strengthening the joints, bones and ligaments; indirectly preparation exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect.

Reviews Sermorelin (2mg) is described as a promising peptide that acts quickly, but the “backing” quickly at the same time. It is often used in combination with peptides GHRP-2, GHRP-6 or analogues thereof for synergistic effect. It may also be a parallel application with steroids. If you need more advice on this topic, be sure to refer to the Forum. Here you can ask questions about the composition of available consultants, which are reserved exclusively for experienced professionals (in particular at the Forum you can talk with a professional trainer or sports doctor BB).

Sermorelin recommended storage conditions: closed vial with undiluted peptide must be stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature not higher but also not lower than 2-8 ° C (in the cooling chamber can); divorced – as is usually stored in the refrigerator without freezing. Stable solution up to 30 days by using germicidal water, and about 10 days in other “solvents”.

Sermorelin peptide: Instructions for use

  • The normalized doses of the drug is almost completely harmless to the application, is therefore well suited to athletes at various levels of training, age or gender. That is, in fact there is no contraindication to its use.
  • According to practice job Sermorelina dosage recommended for sporting purposes, it is about 100-200 mcg. Since this peptide can not boast a long exposure, you need to apply it several times a day (usually 1-3 applications). Thus, its daily dosage may be up to 600 mg (in higher doses, usually does not make sense, since the progression efficacy at doses above 200 mg insignificant).
  • The best time the injection at thrice the application shall be considered: 1 injection 15 minutes before meal, 2 nd – after training, third – shortly before bedtime.
  • As stabbing Sermorelin? Terms of use of injections is substantially the same as that of the analogous peptide drugs. That is, the injections are usually made subcutaneously or intramuscularly using insulin syringes 100 divisions.
  • And how do breed Sermorelin? This, too, is no big deal. Carefully enter the water for injection into the vial of the drug so that it is uniformly flowed on its walls. After a bit, you can stir the resulting substance, but not shaken.
  • If you do not know which to choose an injection liquid, it is better to use a bactericidal water. It is, firstly, has antibacterial properties, and secondly, can significantly extend the shelf life of some peptides.
  • If you want to spend a combined rate of application Sermorelina with another peptide, here you can choose to bundle GHRP group of drugs, which includes GHRP-6, Hexarelin, GHRP-2 and Ipamorelin, available in an assortment of our shop. These agents have a synergistic effect, improving outcomes.