Manufacturer: PEPTIDES

Application: injectable

Dosage: 2mg

Package: 10

Package Type: vial

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PEG MGF or with is longer name Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, is a variant of IGF-1. It is useful in creating new muscle cells and stimulating the muscle growth. Besides, it is effective in increasing the protein synthesis. The primary benefit of this medicine to the users is its providing muscle mass to them and it can be used in injury repair. The other benefit of using this medicine are, it accelerates the muscle growth among bodybuilders and decreases the fat mass in the body, increases the strength and endurance. In addition to these, it improves the immune defense system and skin, and it strengths the bones, decreases the cholesterol level in the body. Compared with other drugs that are effective for gaining or increasing muscles, PEG MGF does not have almost any side effect. It may causes only flushing on the injection spot and this last fifteen or twenty minutes.

What The Benefit of PEG MGF Peptede

Synthetic PEG MGF travels through bloodstream and is not affected by the condition of the serum although it has a short half-life when in contact with serum. The PEGylation or addition of a polyethene glycol molecule to the structure is essential in increasing the potency , activity and effectiveness of PEG MGF. The PEG acts a protective coat, which prevents degradation of the polypeptide from the internal enzymes and other chemical factors. Moreover the polyethene glycol molecules offers more binding sites to the molecule which allows for increased affinity to the perfect ligand during interactions. The polypeptide is usually negatively charged and any positively charged compound would affect its integrity and activity therefore reducing its lifespan, however with the enhanced coat the lifespan and activity is enhanced to an optimal level. There are various research and studies conducted on the use of the polypeptide in enhancing muscle hyperplasia.

PEG MGF Dosage Bodybuilding

PEG MGF is present in lyophilized powders. You will need to buy PEG MGF in a vial form alongside your insulin or 1 ml syringes and sterile or bacteriostatic water. Experts suggest incorporating 1 ml of sterile water to every 2 mg PEG MGF vial. You may store your excess solution in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. PEG MGF vials that have not been reconstituted should be store in room temperature areas. Avoid exposing it to sunlight or heat.

Reconstituted PEG MGF is usually administered intramuscularly. To administer this peptide, ensure that you were able to reconstitute the powder appropriately (shake the vial well). Clean your site of injection with alcohol swab. Pull the skin on the area of injection between your thumb and forefinger and insert the syringe on a 90 degree angle. Inject the solution and pull the syringe upwards. Ensure that you dispose your syringes properly. Do not reuse!