Manufacturer: HGH PRODUCTS

Application: injectable

Dosage: 30IU

Package: 1

Package Type: ampule


Norditropin is prescription medicine produced and marketed by Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Company. Active chemical ingredient of this drug is Somatropin which is also known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This hormone is a type of peptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a medicine which is used in growth hormone deficiency and growth problems in children. Norditropin contains Somatropin (rbe). It is supplied by Novo Nordisk.

How Does Norditropin Work

Ultimately many athletes have cited HGH as lightning in a bottle and the ultimate fountain of youth. Although it’s used in a medical setting Norditropin helps to increase our bodies efficiency, it can rejuvenate cells and even helpless with recovery times aches and pains. Athletes have found that they are more willing to train, they have more energy and that it can ramp up the effectiveness of steroids by allowing for greater muscle and bone growth as well as supercharging metabolism during cutting phases. Norditropin really is the ultimate stacking medication both for post-cycle and during cycle.

Norditropin HGH Side Effects

There is a myriad of benefits associated with Norditropin. Of course, like any other medication, there are going to be some side effects. They are mild but can be more severe in people that are susceptible to them more often.

Skeletal Changes. There are some changes to the body that occur in people who take Norditropin for an extended period. Some HGH patients have experienced elongated fingers and toes as a result of ingestions of the substance. It can alter your body in other ways as well in your skull by enlarging the jaw bone.

Headaches and Nausea. These symptoms are also experienced by people who take Norditropin, only sometimes, though. It can easily be combated by other medications. Doctors will only prescribe HGH to patients who will benefit more greatly from the positive effects than the negative side effects.

Tiredness. One of the main benefits of HGH is the ability to induce sleep and keep people asleep. Of course, with this can come the side effect of drowsiness or tiredness during the day when it is unwanted.