Nandro Mix 250


Manufacturer: MAX PRO

Application: injectable

Dosage: 250mg/ml

Package: 1

Package Type: vial

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Nandro Mix 250 MaxPro is a mixture of two Nandrolone esters namely Nandrolone Decanoate and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate in doses of 200 mg and 50 mg, respectively. It is a combination of long and short acting esters and at times contains only any two of the three esters. Nandro Mix 250 is not given alone; rather it is given preferentially with Sustanon that causes a slow release of the active compound from the injection site. Slow release ensures basal levels for several days after one administration and so administrations are of low frequency and well-spaced. It has an excellent anabolic profile and athletes and body builders crave for it. At the same time, its adverse effects are much less due to poor androgenic and estrogenic profiles.

Nandro Mix 250 Effects

Nandro Mix 250 can also be used to improve the lean body weight of AIDS patients. Lean body mass is the mass or weight of the body due to the protein content. Nandrolone, being a derivation of 19–nortestosterone, has remarkable effects on nitrogen balance in the body. It disrupts this balance and increases protein levels of the body. This increased protein is seen in the form of increased muscle mass and decreased urinary excretion of urea and nitrogenous waste products.

It can be used to improve bone density, red blood cell count and muscle strength. It is therefore helpful in anemic patients and provides relief from myalgias (muscle pains) and arthralgias (joint pains). They are used to improve mobility at stiff joints and muscles. Sore knees and shoulders improve after Nandro Mix 250 administration.

Use of Nandro Mix 250 MaxPro

Nandro Mix 250 is administered more frequently than separate Nandrolone Decanoate is. It has a much faster onset of action and so the difference from Decanoate is easily identified after a single administration. Steady state levels of Mix are also reached but after a few injections. After that, it is impossible to distinguish between Mix and Decanoate by analyzing the steroid cycle.

Indications and adverse effects of Nandro Mix 250 are similar to the solitary Decanoate ester. Wrestlers and athletes use it extensively and illegally. This has resulted in suspension of Decanoate officially from the commercial market. It is however still black-marketed. Nandro Mix 250 is still available in pharmaceutical labs and shops in small vials. It is injected into the muscles, in the shoulders or buttocks usually and is used extensively for more rapid effects.