Manufacturer: ALPHA PHARRMA

Application: oral

Dosage: 2.5mg

Package: 30

Package Type: pills


Letromina Alpha Pharma is a brand name for Letrozole – a medicine used for the treatment of cancer in post-menopausal women. The effects of letrozole are based on affecting the process of estrogen production in the body. That way, the cancer cells are starved and deprived of the amount of estrogen they need to grow. This leads to preventing the development of cancer. Letromina should not be used by women that did not have their menopause yet, or those allergic to the active ingredient. Otherwise, unpleasant and serious health consequences are possible.

Letromina must be taken regularly for best effects. You are supposed to take this medicine once daily with some food or without. It’s best to take each dose with a full glass of water. Avoid taking Letromina with other beverages, especially those containing alcohol. Talk to your doctor about any dietary requirements you will need to observe to benefit more from taking this drug.

What is Letromina used for in Bodybuilding

Letromina also does quite a few things which would be of interest to both bodybuilders and athletes. Firstly, it has been shown to reduce estrogen levels by 98% or greater. In at least one documented incidence, Letromina reduced estrogen in the test subject to undetectable levels, and increased LH, FSH and SHBG. Clearly this is all of interest to bodybuilders, as less estrogen in the body means less chance of certain side effects such as water-retention, gynocomastia, and acne. This makes Letromina an appropriate choice for even the heaviest bulking or cutting cycles including harsh androgens. Also, if you are a competitive bodybuilder, Letromina is a must have product for contest prep; no other Ancillary compound will produce a dry and tight look like Letro will.

Letromina´s effects on serum lipids (cholesterol, both HDL and LDL) are, in the words of one researcher: “inconsistent. ” Clearly, however, you´ll eventually suffer an impaired lipid profile and immune system if you keep your estrogen levels too low for too long. Your sex drive will also probably suffer from extraordinarily low levels of estrogen present.

As previously mentioned, Letrominacan be used to raise LH and FSH (which are hormones which signal your testes to produce more testosterone). It also, of course, will raise your testosterone levels via this mechanism. Again, this is of interest to athletes and bodybuilders for obvious reasons. Letromina, of course, can be used for post cycle therapy (PCT) to raise test levels, but for various reasons, Tamoxifen may be a better choice. Still, I have successfully used Letromina for this purpose.

Letromina for PCT Dosage

The common dose limit is 2.5 mg per day for five years. The dose depends on a lot of factors like age, demographic characteristics, treatment process and others. Overdosing can cause fatal effects. Get emergency medical help or contact local poison help line number if overdosed.

Direction of usage is the important part. It should be taken as directed by doctor. Before Letromina, bone mineral density should be done and it should be repeated after a period of time. This medication gets excreted through bodily liquid, including vomit and urine. Thus, avoid contamination of bodily fluids with others. If you experience any allergic reaction or side effects, stop using the medication and contact your doctor immediately.