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Ipamorelin, also called as NNC 26-0161, is a pentapeptide, Ghrelin receptor agonist, and selective secretagogue of growth hormones. The short chain peptide contains five amino acids with a long half-life. Ipamorelin demonstrated significant growth hormone releasing capability in experimental studies including in vivo and in-vitro. The action of Ipamorelin mimics GHRP-6 promotes growth hormone release from the pituitary cells by acting on GHRP-like receptors. Studies suggest that the compound did not influence cortisol or ACTH levels. This peptide compound is being studied extensively by the biomedical researchers due to high specificity. The molecular weight and formula of Ipamorelin is 711.85 Daltons and C38H49N9O5.Just like GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 Ipamorelin suppresses the action of somatostatin and stimulate the production and secretion of GH. This peptide compound the third generation of the GHRPs, however, it is more enhanced than its predecessors and has a longer half-life.

Benefits of Ipamorelin Peptide

Because of the interactions that Ipamorelin has with the pituitary gland and the liver, scientific study based on animal test subjects has been able to link several theoretical benefits with the peptide’s presence.  Most of these benefits relate to the notion of several elevated processes, such as a higher rate of burning through body fat, joint rejuvenation, an improvement of skin tone, an increase in the density of bone mass, and a strengthening of connective tissue.

Although there has been an extensive amount of research and study conducted in relation to Ipamorelin, it needs to be noted that all of the research that has been conducted and the subsequent results from such research has been solely built around the scientific study based on animal test subjects. Any findings or observations that relate to this peptide should only be contained to the strict confines of a controlled environment such as a medical research facility or a laboratory.

Ipamorelin Negative Side Effects

Side effects studied on animal test subjects during research concluded mild side effects are connected with the use of Ipamorelin including headaches and lightheadedness. When compared with the numerous benefits the animal test subjects could receive from use of this peptide, the negative side effects can be considered minimal.

When considering where to buy Ipamorelin, it should be noted use of this peptide may be a safer choice for studying animal reactions without concern of serious side effects negatively altering test results, even when used in larger quantities when compared to other peptides. This peptide compound is also a preferred choice in research settings due to its higher potency and much longer half-life than that of other peptides.