Manufacturer: HGH PRODUCTS

Application: injectable

Dosage: 8IU

Package: 25

Package Type: vial


Hygetropin 8iu is a growth hormone treatment. It is a man-made copy of natural growth hormone.

Hygetropin 8iu is an injectable solution that mimics the exact makeup of the human growth hormone. It stimulates an adequate metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, as well as retention of phosphorus and potassium, bone health, muscle development and endurance.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a substance made by the body’s pituitary gland. This tiny gland is found at the bottom of the brain. It makes a group of hormones that control many of the body’s functions. It helps children grow, and adults need it to stay healthy. Hygetropin 8iu is mostly used to treat adults with adult onset GHD or childhood onset GHD. It is also used in the treatment of children suffering from GHD that has led to failure to grow, small for gestational age, Prader-Willi syndrome and Idiopathic Short Stature.

HGH Hygetropin 8iu Dosage

If Hygetropin 8iu was prescribed to you by a doctor follow his dosage instructions. If you are self prescribing/administering the general dosage guidelines are as follows:

  • 2 IU per day is used for anti aging purposes. You can inject it any time of the day or a full or empty stomach – it does not matter. It might be the most beneficial to take it in the morning, or at least a few hours before bedtime because the body releases its own endogenous growth hormone after a person falls asleep. Injecting before bedtime might reduce the body’s own release – robbing you of a free bonus dose.
  • 4 IU per day is usually used by athletes for bodybuilding, fat loss and general fitness. Some people take 6IU per day, however the higher the dose the more annoying the side effects can be. Carpal tunnel syndrome being the side effect which usually forces the athlete to lower the dose or pause the cycle for 2 – 3 weeks until the carpal disappears. It is preferred to spread the daily dose into multiple injections throughout the day. For example 2 IU in the morning and 2 IU in late afternoon.
  • 8 to 16 IU per day is used to speed up recovery after severe burns or injuries. This is a pretty high dose and it should not be continued for more than a few weeks. The carpal tunnel syndrome will probably bother the user, but in the name of faster recovery some discomfort may be tolerable.

Hygetropin 8iu HGH Reviews

Hygetropin 8iu is mostly available in its injectable form and is prescribed with a leaflet to guide in the process. Some brands prefer it to be injected under the skin or some other prefer it to be pushed directly into a muscle. It is mandatory to ensure with the pharmacist proper way of injecting Hygetropin 8iu for avoiding any complication. The dose of Hygetropin 8iu sheerly depends upon the age, height and medical condition of the user so it’s mandatory to consult a doctor. The reaction differs individually depending upon the purpose of its consumption.

Hygetropin 8iu may contain certain inactive ingredients which causes allergies or other problems. It is advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist about your allergies. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before buying Hygetropin 8iu and to provide information about your medical history specifically if you have any of the above mentioned problems. Overdose of this medicine is lethal to your health so if overdose is suspected, immediately get yourself treated from a medical center or emergency room. Symptoms of overdose include swelling of hands and feet, vomiting, nausea, etc.