Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Application: oral

Dosage: 10mg

Package: 100

Package Type: pills


Dianoxyl Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is an anabolic steroid. It is quite popular among bodybuilders and athletes alike. The athletes and bodybuilders specially use it in their bulking cycles. It helps increase muscle mass and muscle strength. The body effectively uses Dianoxyl as it is a unique type of testosterone. The usual cycle of the drug is 6 weeks. Massive gains can be seen during that phase. This advantage is really sought after by athlete, gym goers and bodybuilders.

The basis for the steroid Methandienone appears, proven inexpensive price and amazing quality. It is important to consider that doping is obtained solely due to the biosynthesis. Accordingly, the material passes a predetermined amount of cleaning levels, before turning into a raw material for the manufacture of tablets. Each purification step takes from the manufacturer large investments on modern equipment, consumables. Therefore, Methandienone, and as a result, Dianoxyl can make enterprises equipped with the latest technological advances in science. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is such a manufacturer who offers to buy Dianoxyl for the most loyal price.

Dianoxyl Pills Dosage

For athletes the dosage of a preparation makes 10-50 mg a day, on a course lasting 6-8 weeks.  As the half-life period Methandienone is equal to 3-5 hours, the day dose is divided into 2-3 receptions.  It provides maximum efficiency of a preparation.

Application Dianoxyl (10 mg) isn’t recommended to women in view of high aromatization and androgenic activity of a preparation. But some skilled sportswomen accept a preparation and if you decide to follow their example, in day drink no more than 10 mg. For the women not sensitive to reception of androgens, this preparation won’t do harm. But for a usual organism there is a big risk of a masculinization.

No direct dependence with a speed of a set of muscular weight, but there is a dependence with growth of frequency of side effects.

If you the beginner, doses in 20-30 mg per day on all course Dianoxyl is more than enough for emergence of notable results.  For more skilled athlete who was already accepting similar anabolics, the dose can be higher, but reasonably.  Anyway, solving how to drink Dianoxyl and whether to drink him in general, consultation with the skilled person as individual selection of a dose depends on many factors is necessary.

This preparation can be used as individually on a course, and in combination with other steroids for achievement of the maximum result. Combinations Dianoxyl with Nandroxyl, Stanoxyl and Oxandroxyl are most popular. If the purpose in the maximum set of weight, approaches a combination with Testoxyl and Sustaxyl.

Side Effects of Dianoxyl Steroids

Common side effects of anabolic steroids Dianoxyl include aggression and depression, severe acne, reports the Mayo Clinic. Men who use Dianoxyl may develop enlarged breasts, shrunken, baldness, testicles and permanent infertility and for women it includes deeper voice, an enlarged clitoris, increased body hair and baldness.

Massive doses of the drug can produce virilization effects in females.  The virilization effects in women include deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, growth of facial and body hairs and irregular menstrual periods. Women should be extremely cautious when using Dianoxyl Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Therefore, women are recommended to use the drug in small doses. The cycle should not be prolonged otherwise the side effects can worsen in women.