Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Application: oral

Dosage: 1mg

Package: 30

Package Type: pills


Arimixyl (Anastrozole) is a well-known anti-estrogen drug. It is manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and contains 30 tablets of Anastrozole.

Arimixyl is an extremely powerful antiestrogen medication which is very beneficial to athletes taking aromatizing steroids. If an athlete is prone to US region base side effects, Arimixyl can work as a full estrogen blockade which can prevent the buildup of estrogen throughout the body. In order to find the correct dosage for Arimixyl it’s recommended to take Salvatori tests for blood tests after the first week to ensure that you are getting enough of this aromatase inhibitor. Arimixyl essentially prevents the process of converting steroids into estrogen making this medication work a little bit differently than Nolvadex and Clomid which block the receptors in some tissues while activating receptors in other parts of the body.

What is arimixyl used for?

The main role of Arimixyl drug is to prevent such common problem among bodybuilders, anabolic steroids users, like gynecomastia and water retention. Due to its efficient stack combination with other anabolics the Anastrozole will increase the quality of the muscle, the athlete appearing harder and much more defined without holding excess water in the organism. This compound has great benefits to bodybuilders who use aromatizing steroids such as Testosterone. Usually, athletes using Arimixyl tablets will begin taking them the day they start their cycle, and will run them throughout the duration of steroid use. It is also important to point out Arimixyl’s ability to increase Testosterone in the body. Also this aromatase-inhibitor has been shown to reduce estrogen in the body by roughly 50%.

Arimixyl is used along with steroids is easily flavored. Between a very strong dose, 5 and 1 mg are enough. Some would say that 0.25 mg be enough but for someone who follows a cycle of steroids seriously would be better to be the lowest dose of 0.5 mg. Best associated with steroids containing: Testoxyl, Nandroxyl, Dianoxyl, Boldaxyl and all their derivatives. Anadroxyl flavor and it is but indirectly, so it is recommended Nolvaxyl association with Nolvadex.