best multivitamins for bodybuilding

Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilding

In our time, the best multivitamins for bodybuilding are created for specific features, such as: age, gender, activities of a particular person and other parameters. For example, for men, for women, for elderly, for athletes. This is all just an example, in order to give you the information. Multivitamins are absolutely safe for health, it does not contain any harmful substances, on the contrary, they are healthy, because their goal is to strengthen our immune system. Continue reading “Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilding”

bodybuilding vs crossfit

Bodybuilding vs Crossfit

Since the peak of the popularity of Schwarzenegger, things have changed. Important is the changed attitude to bodybuilding. Today, the movie screen is impossible to see the Mr. Olympia because of Shwarzenegger was not just an actor, a bodybuilder and a bright personality. Today, Schwarzenegger was still an actor, but not one example for the young, as it was in the eighties.

To screen out the weaker guys. Of course, in bodybuilding there is a breakthrough in muscle mass, but it’s not good for bodybuilding – his popularity has fallen, and the current Mr. Olympia to Hollywood don’t want to invite. Producers, film companies can also force the actors to build muscle than bodybuilders to teach acting. Continue reading “Bodybuilding vs Crossfit”

bodybuilding diet for beginners

Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Male Beginners

Peace! No need to run to the store to buy bags of groceries. If you just decided to start her own body, then certainly don’t get excited, it should be understood that the effectiveness of the bodybuilding will affect not only the amount of food eaten. Well, what then?

This is to talk more. You must understand that it is important not only to talk but also to plan. So let’s talk about laid out and informed bodybuilding diet for beginners. Continue reading “Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Male Beginners”

best bodybuilding books

Best Bodybuilding Books Of All Time

Who can boast of having read best bodybuilding books? Agree that not everyone. But we go to the gym regularly: wave a barbell, do cardio and sweat. Now imagine that you are trying to make coffee in the new coffee maker, but didn’t read the instructions to her. It is unlikely that you will succeed. Gym – it’s the same coffee that before going to need knowledge of the theory. Today we look at a list of 10 useful books on bodybuilding. Continue reading “Best Bodybuilding Books Of All Time”

5 day bodybuilding split

5 Day Bodybuilding Split Workout Schedule

Working out in the gym, people are faced with the problem of choosing the training programs. There are many training programs that aim to achieve different kinds of results: bulking, cutting, development of strength and endurance. The most popular are the split – training.

One example of this type of training is a 5 day bodybuilding split. I propose to consider in this article, for who this type of training, what are its characteristics, how to break up muscle groups for 5 days, what exercises to use, how to eat. Continue reading “5 Day Bodybuilding Split Workout Schedule”