Bodybuilding vs Crossfit

bodybuilding vs crossfit

Since the peak of the popularity of Schwarzenegger, things have changed. Important is the changed attitude to bodybuilding. Today, the movie screen is impossible to see the Mr. Olympia because of Shwarzenegger was not just an actor, a bodybuilder and a bright personality. Today, Schwarzenegger was still an actor, but not one example for the young, as it was in the eighties.

To screen out the weaker guys. Of course, in bodybuilding there is a breakthrough in muscle mass, but it’s not good for bodybuilding – his popularity has fallen, and the current Mr. Olympia to Hollywood don’t want to invite. Producers, film companies can also force the actors to build muscle than bodybuilders to teach acting.

Problems Bodybuilding

crossfit and bodybuildingHowever, the actors to give the body of the exterior did not adopt the techniques of bodybuilding, and do workouts similar to crossfit methods, only called differently- workout Spartans. A lot of fuss about these techniques. It was said that they effectively transformerait the body and improve mobility. On the screen this is important because the actor needs to show action, not position.

The founder of crossfit, Glassman said that his method is more effective for muscle growth than modern bodybuilding. The share of truth in this, because in crossfit decided to train every day, as it was in the old school of bodybuilding.

Modern methods of bodybuilding are very different from traditional techniques of the times Schwarzenegger: mainly the amount of work done. Schwarzenegger was training nine times a week, and the modern bodybuilders only three. The traditional method required three times more time than modern.

People who have long been studying the subject, it is obvious that modern bodybuilding “more efficient” traditional, because there was a breakthrough in pharmacology, not in the method of training. Athletes who think about their health, continue to search for effective techniques outside of bodybuilding; so begin to look in the direction of crossfit, where the reception of pharmacology is not as clearly defined.

Participants in crossfit looks quite decent – with well developed muscles. However, even Glassman admitted that some of them are on steroids. The question arises: what is more effective without steroids? Bodybuilding vs crossfit?

Bodybuilding vs Crossfit: Techniques and Idols

Comparing methods of training, people compare the samples of these methods. One of my friends said that they saw competition in crossfit and he didn’t like it because there were some “turds”. Frankly, I, too, have seen bodybuilding competitions, where they played scared.

To assess the effectiveness of the technique takes time. Today audiences want to see the effect for weeks because they don’t have the planning horizon, which is measured by years. Monthly magazines promise a stunning effect for weeks, but the nature of man without pills boring, because of changes in the body require many years.

I was surprised by the statements of the stars of bodybuilding and crossfit with experience of training more than a decade that such a figure as they can concoct in a few weeks.

The Use of Sports Supplements

From skinny you can make a normal person for eight weeks without chemicals – about it I already wrote. However, the audience in the movie doesn’t want to see normal people – he needs bright images. And these images are created through training, sports supplements, best multivitamins for bodybuilding, a play of light and makeup.

I saw the training of actors-spartans – in normal light, some of them seem to be normal people. Although, others see the traces of sports supplements.

The Planning

If you really think about your health, you plan your result not for weeks but for years. However, a mistake in the beginning with the choice of the technique means losing years of life into the empty. If you set a goal to improve muscles, you need to think carefully: which method will be most effective for muscle growth? The method of crossfit or bodybuilding?

The Main Differences Bodybuilding vs Crossfit

The main difference from bodybuilding crossfit is a pause between the exercises and order of exercises. In crossfit do not rest and do exercises in a circle. In bodybuilding first train one muscle, then another.

However, in bodybuilding there was a lot of experimentation with exercises. Techniques of crossfit in a bodybuilding described before the advent of the crossfit. They are called “giant sets”.

Today already nobody will tell, that the effective – bodybuilding vs crossfit, if you train without steroids, because no single research institution will be to check it on an interval of several years. It remains to trust the experience of those who have tried both long enough.

Experience Bodybuilding vs Crossfit

crossfit bodybuilding

Personally, I remain in his position, still believing that the work builds on. The widest muscles of the back anyway, catch you at the stadium or pull the block in the gym – they tense the same. The only question is the magnitude and duration of voltage.

It is difficult to compare bodybuilding and crossfit, but you can compare a bodybuilder and crossfitter. Who longer stand the tension in the muscles, better eating and a good night’s sleep, he will have a better development of muscles.

The essence of any natural training is the stimulation of changes in the endocrine system through stimulation of the nervous system. Crossfitters I read a beautiful term that refers to the phenomenon of neuroendocrine response.

If a person had the will to strain the nerves, then the glands begin to produce anabolic hormones; if not, he will remain “skinny” or sit on the steroids.

How to achieve neuroendocrine response: at the stadium in crossfit or in the gym for bodybuilding, it does not matter, the main thing – to have the will to endure the fatigue long enough. That is why strong-willed crossfitter look better than some bodybuilders limp straight.

From this point of view of home bodybuilding is not worse than a gym or crossfit box. Try the exercise program one week and rate of stimulation.