best multivitamins for bodybuilding

Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilding

In our time, the best multivitamins for bodybuilding are created for specific features, such as: age, gender, activities of a particular person and other parameters. For example, for men, for women, for elderly, for athletes. This is all just an example, in order to give you the information. Multivitamins are absolutely safe for health, it does not contain any harmful substances, on the contrary, they are healthy, because their goal is to strengthen our immune system.

best multivitamins bodybuildingIn bodybuilding needs in multivitamins are much higher than ordinary people. Athletes often stop in the middle of the training, i.e., begins a kind of plateau (stagnation) whatever you like. And it even provided proper nutrition and regular training, and all because of a lack of minerals and vitamins.

We in bodybuilding vs crossfit requires a large amount of food, of course, if our goal a set of muscle mass and strength. Ie, it often happens that our food contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, but even with this diet is the lack of vitamins and minerals to the body. Bodybuilders score on fruit (and thus clog the vitamins) but they take the vitamins in Supplement form. And that is sort of correct, but I recommend that you take as fruits and supplements. Ie in any case, if you eat a lot of fruits and other nutrients mainly vitamin character, it will lead to indigestion, ie your digestion to be broken.

CONCLUSION: there’s enough fruit (as much as you want, but it still will not be enough) + to take best multivitamins for bodybuilding in the form of tablets, capsules someone that is more comfortable.

The Selection of The Optimal Additives

As I said, best multivitamins for bodybuilding are designed for their purpose, i.e. for men, women, etc. But, alas, the market complexes very much, and is really good, very little. Now we consider the vitamin-mineral supplements that you can buy in the pharmacy and, accordingly, a full range of sports nutrition. In our case, for muscle building I recommend you to pick a specialized vitamin and mineral complexes, sports nutrition specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the organism in terms of training.

Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilding from Pharmacy

bodybuilding multivitamins1. Complivit contains 8 minerals and 11 vitamins, great vitamin and mineral complex for a reasonable price.

This set is available in tablet form, in a small (60 pieces) and large banks (365 units). Price accordingly too, depending on the choice of banks.

To apply: In non-training days (rest days) 2 tablets per day, on training days 3-4 pills throughout the day, e.g. morning, afternoon, and evening.

2. Alfavit is the complex is divided into 3 tablets, white, blue and pink. Each of the tablets bears the vitamins, minerals, etc. are Available in packs ranging from 60 pieces, ending with 210 PCs.

To apply: in the Morning, afternoon and evening. Ie white morning, noon, evening, blue and pink. Or you want it in color not important, important is that the different pills were for the day.

3. Supradyn is a very effective complex manufacturers actively promote it as megafactory Supplement for people who lead an active lifestyle. Are available in the form of pills and the form of effervescent tablets.

To apply: If effervescent tablet, rastvorite in the water. If in the form of pills that you take during the absorption of food (not liquid) + drinking a large amount of liquid. In the days of rest (no training) 1 thing, on training days 2.

Of Sports Nutrition

Animal Pak from Universal Nutrition, contain minerals, vitamins and complex reducing agents. Very reliable company, everything is perfectly Packed in bags, very convenient for people. In General, I recommend!

Daily Complete Formula from Ultimate Nutrition this Supplement contains a good complex in addition to an affordable price.

To Whom, When and How Much You Need to Take Multivitamins?

Who: men, women, children, the elderly (as I said, they are produced in its purpose, therefore, pick to suit your needs).

When to take the supplement should how to stage a set of muscle mass and strength, and at the stage of burning excess fat (drying, work on the terrain, etc.).

How much: Dosage for pharmaceutical drugs, I wrote see under each Supplement. But at the expense of sports nutrition, just follow the instructions on the package.

Stick to methods best multivitamins for bodybuilding for 1-2 months then take a break for 1 month. Always take not recommended, because the body loses the ability to digest hard-to-reach vitamins from food and decreases the synthesis of vitamins within the body.

bodybuilding vs crossfit

Bodybuilding vs Crossfit

Since the peak of the popularity of Schwarzenegger, things have changed. Important is the changed attitude to bodybuilding. Today, the movie screen is impossible to see the Mr. Olympia because of Shwarzenegger was not just an actor, a bodybuilder and a bright personality. Today, Schwarzenegger was still an actor, but not one example for the young, as it was in the eighties.

To screen out the weaker guys. Of course, in bodybuilding there is a breakthrough in muscle mass, but it’s not good for bodybuilding – his popularity has fallen, and the current Mr. Olympia to Hollywood don’t want to invite. Producers, film companies can also force the actors to build muscle than bodybuilders to teach acting.

Problems Bodybuilding

crossfit and bodybuildingHowever, the actors to give the body of the exterior did not adopt the techniques of bodybuilding, and do workouts similar to crossfit methods, only called differently- workout Spartans. A lot of fuss about these techniques. It was said that they effectively transformerait the body and improve mobility. On the screen this is important because the actor needs to show action, not position.

The founder of crossfit, Glassman said that his method is more effective for muscle growth than modern bodybuilding. The share of truth in this, because in crossfit decided to train every day, as it was in the old school of bodybuilding.

Modern methods of bodybuilding are very different from traditional techniques of the times Schwarzenegger: mainly the amount of work done. Schwarzenegger was training nine times a week, and the modern bodybuilders only three. The traditional method required three times more time than modern.

People who have long been studying the subject, it is obvious that modern bodybuilding “more efficient” traditional, because there was a breakthrough in pharmacology, not in the method of training. Athletes who think about their health, continue to search for effective techniques outside of bodybuilding; so begin to look in the direction of crossfit, where the reception of pharmacology is not as clearly defined.

Participants in crossfit looks quite decent – with well developed muscles. However, even Glassman admitted that some of them are on steroids. The question arises: what is more effective without steroids? Bodybuilding vs crossfit?

Bodybuilding vs Crossfit: Techniques and Idols

Comparing methods of training, people compare the samples of these methods. One of my friends said that they saw competition in crossfit and he didn’t like it because there were some “turds”. Frankly, I, too, have seen bodybuilding competitions, where they played scared.

To assess the effectiveness of the technique takes time. Today audiences want to see the effect for weeks because they don’t have the planning horizon, which is measured by years. Monthly magazines promise a stunning effect for weeks, but the nature of man without pills boring, because of changes in the body require many years.

I was surprised by the statements of the stars of bodybuilding and crossfit with experience of training more than a decade that such a figure as they can concoct in a few weeks.

The Use of Sports Supplements

From skinny you can make a normal person for eight weeks without chemicals – about it I already wrote. However, the audience in the movie doesn’t want to see normal people – he needs bright images. And these images are created through training, sports supplements, best multivitamins for bodybuilding, a play of light and makeup.

I saw the training of actors-spartans – in normal light, some of them seem to be normal people. Although, others see the traces of sports supplements.

The Planning

If you really think about your health, you plan your result not for weeks but for years. However, a mistake in the beginning with the choice of the technique means losing years of life into the empty. If you set a goal to improve muscles, you need to think carefully: which method will be most effective for muscle growth? The method of crossfit or bodybuilding?

The Main Differences Bodybuilding vs Crossfit

The main difference from bodybuilding crossfit is a pause between the exercises and order of exercises. In crossfit do not rest and do exercises in a circle. In bodybuilding first train one muscle, then another.

However, in bodybuilding there was a lot of experimentation with exercises. Techniques of crossfit in a bodybuilding described before the advent of the crossfit. They are called “giant sets”.

Today already nobody will tell, that the effective – bodybuilding vs crossfit, if you train without steroids, because no single research institution will be to check it on an interval of several years. It remains to trust the experience of those who have tried both long enough.

Experience Bodybuilding vs Crossfit

crossfit bodybuilding

Personally, I remain in his position, still believing that the work builds on. The widest muscles of the back anyway, catch you at the stadium or pull the block in the gym – they tense the same. The only question is the magnitude and duration of voltage.

It is difficult to compare bodybuilding and crossfit, but you can compare a bodybuilder and crossfitter. Who longer stand the tension in the muscles, better eating and a good night’s sleep, he will have a better development of muscles.

The essence of any natural training is the stimulation of changes in the endocrine system through stimulation of the nervous system. Crossfitters I read a beautiful term that refers to the phenomenon of neuroendocrine response.

If a person had the will to strain the nerves, then the glands begin to produce anabolic hormones; if not, he will remain “skinny” or sit on the steroids.

How to achieve neuroendocrine response: at the stadium in crossfit or in the gym for bodybuilding, it does not matter, the main thing – to have the will to endure the fatigue long enough. That is why strong-willed crossfitter look better than some bodybuilders limp straight.

From this point of view of home bodybuilding is not worse than a gym or crossfit box. Try the exercise program one week and rate of stimulation.

bodybuilding diet for beginners

Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Male Beginners

Peace! No need to run to the store to buy bags of groceries. If you just decided to start her own body, then certainly don’t get excited, it should be understood that the effectiveness of the bodybuilding will affect not only the amount of food eaten. Well, what then?

This is to talk more. You must understand that it is important not only to talk but also to plan. So let’s talk about laid out and informed bodybuilding diet for beginners.

Bodybuilding Diet for Beginners

bodybuilding diet plan for male beginnersThe first 5-6 weeks of training is especially important. At this period it is necessary to abandon pastry, smoked products, especially sausages. Loaf, bread drink “coca-cola” or individually, is strictly prohibited. And especially you should avoid semi-finished products: pancakes, soups, cakes, tea bags is certainly fast, but inefficient.

Bodybuilding diet for beginners be balanced at this stage in the following way. Fish and seafood is number 1 in the diet and number 1 of the products on the road to success the “green” bodybuilder. Lean meats (sorry, but seasonings should be abandoned), eggs, dairy products, poultry, legumes – here is a sample list of products the beginner in the first period of classes. But it is not a definitive list best bodybuilding books. Gradually.

It is important to understand that proper nutrition and a commitment to the following simple formula should lead to the planned “pumped” goal! And the formula is simple: get 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily and preferably in the first three months.

Bodybuilding diet for beginners is also cereals (except semolina), cereal – porridge cereal, raisins, nuts and other tasty utility. Vegetables and fruits – itself. Potatoes should not eat as many like – fried. It is best baked.

That Should be Removed from Diet Plan

Is to abstain or minimize consumption of juices. Let him at least ten times the package will be written that he is natural 100% – anyway it has a lot of sugar.

And remember – no bodybuilding supplement during the first three months. Food is not called, and you really need to understand that keeping a clear structure of power is possible to achieve success in the most accessible terms and it does not harm the body. The only thing of supplements – a vitamin-mineral complexes, but as such Supplement is difficult to call them, they are more conducive to maintaining and strengthening immunity.

Oh Yes, I forgot! Nuts! Mixed, for example, cottage cheese will give many benefits as the body in General and muscle mass. But don’t overdo the nuts, do not make them key in the diet can cause disorders of the stomach, and walnuts cause a rash or inflammation of the tonsils.

best bodybuilding books

Best Bodybuilding Books Of All Time

Who can boast of having read best bodybuilding books? Agree that not everyone. But we go to the gym regularly: wave a barbell, do cardio and sweat. Now imagine that you are trying to make coffee in the new coffee maker, but didn’t read the instructions to her. It is unlikely that you will succeed. Gym – it’s the same coffee that before going to need knowledge of the theory. Today we look at a list of 10 useful books on bodybuilding.

Why books?

best books on bodybuildingToday, many athletes are video blogs where they share their training programs. These videos is definitely helpful. But do not forget that every professional athlete picks load individually with the coach and it constantly changes. Therefore, not all tips dosage diet and exercises that the famous athlete is handing out left and right, can help the ordinary man to improve, e.g. power output.

You can compare books and movies. The film is colorful, visually, but most of the detail present in the book, are omitted, plus the Director imposes his own vision. In bodybuilding the same. Though books on bodybuilding is also quite subjective, but they collected more information. After reading a couple of books, you will be no worse than athletes to understand what and how you should do, what to accept and what to abstain.

On the other hand, many bodybuilders take the basis of his training tips and advice obtained 5 day bodybuilding split from books. Isn’t it better to read the source?!

Best Bodybuilding Books

P. S. we are not going to number the list, because while writing material for the article, the dispute in the wording, which book is better at an impasse. However, the following authors, without a doubt, deserve attention.

Mike Mentzer. «High-Intensity Training»

Mike Mentzer was a great bodybuilder, competed in Mr. Olympia. Before him there was the notion of volume training. In the book he first proposed to do short and heavy workouts. Do not forget to rest your muscles so to train, in his opinion, should also rare. This is the method used in training American athlete Dorian Yates, a six-time winner of “Mr. Olympia” (1991-1997).

Randall Strossen. «Super Squats»

The author described all the types and techniques of squats. The book promises that following its instructions, you will gain 15 pounds of muscle in just 6 months. Strossen details and without the extra “water” that explains how, doing 20 repetitions to gain mass. Recall that the legs are the largest muscle group, so focusing on a set of muscles with the help of leveling feet, Randall Strossen made the right decision.

Stuart McRobert. «Think!: Bodybuilding Without Steroids»

The book is written in simple, accessible language, aimed at beginners. McRobert detail painted basic exercises, putting the emphasis on workouts without the use of pharmacology. However, many criticized the book as the author himself could not boast of bodybuilding physique. Then the author published the second part of the book, called “Think! Part 2.” She is also popular. Together the books form a coherent whole on the training approach to which requires mental effort.

Alexey Kireev. «Bodybuilding in Our or Secrets to GYM»

Kireev — russian author. His book is good because the exercises and explanations are sharpened by our mentality. He describes in detail the features of the training process on the farm, without overloading with unnecessary terms. Exercises substantially all of the base aimed at the development of Herculean strength. So his book will be able to appreciate a real “workaholic”.

Frederick Delavier. «Strength Training Anatomy»

The book, which reads more like a journal with pictures. You scroll in one breath. After reading the work Delavier you will know what muscles are involved in a particular exercise will easily be able to make myself exercise on different muscle groups. Professional this book will seem rustic, but to the beginner – most that.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. «Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding»

This author needs no introduction. In 1998, the legend of bodybuilding has published a book in which are gathered all your car and small truck training experience. And it’s huge – so “encyclopedia” consists of 5 books. All the details of the training process and nutrition you will find in this work.

Alexey Faleev. «Anti-McRobert: Think in Russian! How to train in cycles»

Alexey Faleev, as you may have guessed, based on the books of Stuart McRobert and created a book that criticizes the system of training McRobert. The author, by the way, not bodybuilder, and powerlifter. Agree that training in these disciplines is still different. Read both books and compare them. Who is right, you decide.

Vadim Protasenko. «Think! or Supertrening without Errors»

Vadim Protasenko — also the more the compiler. From the title it is clear that the author put in a basis of work of Mentzer and McRobert. However, Protasenko, indeed, has collected all the best theory and combined it into one book. If you don’t have time to read all the books about bodybuilding – this will be enough to get you started to understand all the processes and subtleties of preparation of the athlete. The book is very informative, the pictures are virtually absent, so the “light reading” it will not name.

Leonid Ostapenko, Michael Klestov. “Anabolic Agents in Modern High-Power Sports”

For anybody not a secret that professional athletes use pharmacology to achieve the most deep and voluminous muscles. This book is for anyone who wants to start using steroids. About the growth hormones and various stimulants in this book.

Herbert Shelton. «Food Combining Made Easy»

Half of success in the preparation of the athlete is proper nutrition. The world famous doctor of nutrition and fasting Herbert Shelton talks about the principles of food combining: what products can be combined, in what time of day to eat them, etc.

5 day bodybuilding split

5 Day Bodybuilding Split Workout Schedule

Working out in the gym, people are faced with the problem of choosing the training programs. There are many training programs that aim to achieve different kinds of results: bulking, cutting, development of strength and endurance. The most popular are the split – training.

One example of this type of training is a 5 day bodybuilding split. I propose to consider in this article, for who this type of training, what are its characteristics, how to break up muscle groups for 5 days, what exercises to use, how to eat.

For Whom Suitable for a 5 Day Bodybuilding Split and What Is Its Efficiency

Split weight training involve, exercise one muscle group one to two times a week. Split workouts differ in a number of training days. There are options splitting split from two to six days. You should pay attention that the increase in the number of training days should take place at the level of increase in experience of training.

So for newcomers who engaged in less than a year, a great option is circuit training two to three days per week, more advanced athletes train between four days and above. A five-day split suitable for experienced athletes who have a good base and can isolate individual muscle groups in one day for their best development. The effectiveness of 5 day bodybuilding split is that each muscle group has its own training day, and she’s not tired when you exercise other muscles. This approach makes it possible to load the desired muscle group and give it sufficient time for full recovery.

How to Allocate Muscle Groups To Training Days

The distribution of 5 day bodybuilding split is quite simple. First we need to distinguish five main muscle groups and distribute them on training days, so they had enough time to recover. Let’s look at this group by example:

  • First day. The front of the thigh, anterior and middle deltoid muscle bundles;
  • Second day. Training the middle and lower part of the chest, a light workout of the triceps;
  • Third day. Training back and biceps;
  • Fourth day. Posterior surface of the thighs, the rear beam deltoid muscle, trapezium;
  • Fifth day. Training the top of the chest, shins and heavy training of the triceps.

The above presented example is quite advanced for a 5 day split, one muscle group is distributed to subgroups. This system allows you to feel maximum muscle group and load it, that is the perfect condition for the hypertrophy of the muscles.

Let’s look at exercises that will be our 5 day bodybuilding split.

Exercises For The First Day Of A 5 Day Bodybuilding Split

bodybuilding 5 day splitThe first day begins with training the front of the thigh, the posterior and middle bundles of the deltoid muscle. Before each workout you need to warm-up and stretching, particularly attention should be paid to those muscles and joints that you will train. Workout begins with upper body sinking down. Warm-up time 5-10 minutes.

The first exercise on the front of the thigh, the leg extension in the simulator browsing. Great exercise works the quadriceps, this muscle fills with blood and warms up the joint before the heavy basic exercises also serves as a pre-fatigue. The special features of this exercise are as follows: when performing exercises socks you must pull over to turn off the calf muscle and to load the quadriceps, the top point should be delayed for one second, negative phase is the lowering should be smooth and controlled, 2 seconds slower than the positive phase. Running exercise 4 sets of 15 reps.

Second exercise is squats with a barbell on his chest. Basic exercise for the front thighs. The special features of this exercise are as follows: elbows must be parallel to the floor, the bar well fixed in a convenient position, sinking you need to look up, the focus is on the negative phase, to squat deep enough at the end of the legs to straighten. The exercise is done in 4 approaches for 10-12 reps.

The third exercise is the leg press in the simulator with a narrow statement. Last additionally exercise on the front of the thigh. The special features of this exercise are as follows: this exercise allows you to take quite a lot of weight, legs must be placed at a distance of less width apart, traffic controlled and only performed by the quadriceps, the emphasis on the negative phase, at the end of the legs are not straightened. Running exercise in 3 sets for 15-20 reps.

The fourth exercise. Train front beam deltoid muscle using the bench press bar while sitting with the chest. The special features of this exercise are as follows: bench must be placed not vertically but have a small slope, the grip is wide enough, the elbows should make an imaginary horizontal line, the rod is lowered to the bottom of the chest is not full, and at a distance of one to two inches, at the top hands are not straight, so that the muscles all the time in work. Running exercise 4 approaches for 10-12 reps.

The fifth exercise. Trained medium beam deltoid muscle. To do this, use this exercise as the Mahi with dumbbells in hand while standing. The special features of this exercise are as follows: feet are shoulder-width apart when moving to the top the elbows must go higher and faster hands, the pinky looks up. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10-12 reps.

Exercises For The Second Day Of A 5 Day Bodybuilding Split

Coached middle and lower part of the chest along with a light workout of the triceps. The first exercise is the bench press. The special features of this exercise are as follows: on the bench should be in a strong position, heels firmly pressed to the floor, pelvis pressed against the bench, deflections in the spinal and cervical, you also need to shoulder blades to the chest muscles to get as much of the load, the bar does not lower until the end, at the top hands are not straight. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The second exercise dumbbell bench press on a bench with his head down. The special features of this exercise are as follows: the dumbbells should be lowered to the bottom of the chest and try during the exercise to feel the bottom of the chest muscles, you need to pay attention to the negative phase, the end point of the hand is not straight. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The third exercise in the crossover. The special features of this exercise are as follows: it is necessary to tilt the body to the moment, yet you will not feel the middle and the bottom of the chest, at the moment of peak reduction are delayed by one second. Exercise perfectly catches the blood in a muscle group and performed in 4 approaches on 15 repetitions.

The fourth exercise. The extension arms on the block. Making presses, triceps are already tired so it is enough to finish one exercise. The special features of this exercise are as follows: during the entire movement keep your elbows close to the body the arm must be kept below the level of the chest at the bottom point, pausing for a moment, do the exercise at a fast enough rate to 4 approaches, 10-15 repetitions.

Exercises For The Third Day Of A 5 Day Bodybuilding Split

Training back and biceps. Start training with pull-UPS, core exercise allows you to develop powerful back. The special features of this exercise are as follows: in this exercise, it is necessary to disable the biceps and to move only the muscles of the back, at the end point of the blade should be kept, no need to go down to the end, thereby you turn off the muscle of the work. Exercise performed in 4 sets of 10 reps, if 10 reps are easy to put on wheel weights.

The second exercise is deadlifts. The special features of this exercise are as follows: it is very important to follow the technique, your back should always be straight, the movement should begin with the muscles of the legs gently picking up the back muscles at the top back ago, not much throws you can get injured. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

A third exercise. Thrust dumbbells in the slope. The special features of this exercise are as follows: drop the dumbbell down as much as possible to fully stretch the muscle, then pull it to the belt off and hand movement is carried out only by the back muscles. Perform the exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The fourth exercise. Lifting barbells for biceps standing. The special features of this exercise are as follows: back straight, arms close to the body moving smoothly at the end point squeeze the biceps, straighten your hands should slowly enough, the biceps responds well to negative phase. Running exercise in 4 sets of 12 reps.

Exercises For The Fourth Day Of A 5 Day Bodybuilding Split

5 day split bodybuildingExercise the back of the thigh. The first exercise deadlifts on straight legs. The special features of this exercise are as follows: when performing exercises necessary to bring the pelvis back to stretch the hamstrings, the exercise is necessary with the muscles. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The second exercise is the leg curl at the gym. The special features of this exercise are as follows: socks need to fit, the movement is very smooth, the roller of the trainer to throw is not necessary, in the upper point have to make a stop, lowered the weight gradually not the end. Running exercise in 4 sets of 15 reps.

The third exercise Mahi dumbbells in the slope. The special features of this exercise are as follows: hands should be taken forward, with elbows also looking slightly forward at the top are delayed by one second to do the exercise smoothly and without stopping. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The fourth exercise. Shragi the post. The special features of this exercise are as follows: exercise a trapezoid is performed with a large enough weight, the blades are pivoted, the shoulders forced back, at the top pause. Occurs in 4 sets of 12 reps

Exercises For The Fifth Day Of A 5 Day Bodybuilding Split

The first exercise at the top of your chest, the bench press barbell on incline bench. The special features of this exercise are as follows: rod descends to the upper part of the chest do not end up at the top hands do not straighten, the negative phase to last longer the positive, exhale the stress. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The second exercise. Bench press bar narrow grip. The special features of this exercise are as follows: rod sinks to the bottom of the chest, the movement is trying to accomplish through the triceps, the shoulder blade is reduced. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.
A third exercise. French press. The special features of this exercise are as follows: the bar down gently to the forehead, arms pivoted to each other. Running exercise in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The fourth exercise. Lifting on socks in the simulator. The special features of this exercise are as follows: under the feet placed small discs to increase range of motion, at the top a delay of one second. Running exercise in 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

The above-described example, a 5 day bodybuilding split that will allow you to effectively bleed each of the muscle groups, but to avoid stagnation, you must use the principle of periodization, which you’ll learn below.

Use Of Lightweight And Hard Weeks. Periodization

The principle of easy and challenging exercises used a large number of athletes. It is as follows. One week you are training muscle groups with a maximum working weights for the next time the weight of the projectile is reduced by 30% from the working weight. This approach allows the muscles to relax, and work in the other direction. As practice shows, such approach allows better progress and eliminates the risk of stagnation.

Compliance With Sport Mode

To achieve the desired result, you should strictly observe the sport mode, which consists of three components: exercise, nutrition, rest. Each of these elements is very important and without one of them the impossible results. Training should be as productive as possible, you have to give everything in training and bring muscles to failure. Destroyed in training the muscles with the necessary building material which we get from food bodybuilding diet for beginners.

Nutrition should be balanced, sustained growth need to consume more calories than consumed. The main nutrient sources should be cereals, meat and dairy products. Muscles do not grow in training, and during rest, so this is one of the most important elements resting man during sleep, the sleep should last at least eight hours, so that the muscles have completely recovered. Observing the sport, you will definitely get the result that you want coming to the gym.