Best Bodybuilding Books Of All Time

best bodybuilding books

Who can boast of having read best bodybuilding books? Agree that not everyone. But we go to the gym regularly: wave a barbell, do cardio and sweat. Now imagine that you are trying to make coffee in the new coffee maker, but didn’t read the instructions to her. It is unlikely that you will succeed. Gym – it’s the same coffee that before going to need knowledge of the theory. Today we look at a list of 10 useful books on bodybuilding.

Why books?

best books on bodybuildingToday, many athletes are video blogs where they share their training programs. These videos is definitely helpful. But do not forget that every professional athlete picks load individually with the coach and it constantly changes. Therefore, not all tips dosage diet and exercises that the famous athlete is handing out left and right, can help the ordinary man to improve, e.g. power output.

You can compare books and movies. The film is colorful, visually, but most of the detail present in the book, are omitted, plus the Director imposes his own vision. In bodybuilding the same. Though books on bodybuilding is also quite subjective, but they collected more information. After reading a couple of books, you will be no worse than athletes to understand what and how you should do, what to accept and what to abstain.

On the other hand, many bodybuilders take the basis of his training tips and advice obtained 5 day bodybuilding split from books. Isn’t it better to read the source?!

Best Bodybuilding Books

P. S. we are not going to number the list, because while writing material for the article, the dispute in the wording, which book is better at an impasse. However, the following authors, without a doubt, deserve attention.

Mike Mentzer. «High-Intensity Training»

Mike Mentzer was a great bodybuilder, competed in Mr. Olympia. Before him there was the notion of volume training. In the book he first proposed to do short and heavy workouts. Do not forget to rest your muscles so to train, in his opinion, should also rare. This is the method used in training American athlete Dorian Yates, a six-time winner of “Mr. Olympia” (1991-1997).

Randall Strossen. «Super Squats»

The author described all the types and techniques of squats. The book promises that following its instructions, you will gain 15 pounds of muscle in just 6 months. Strossen details and without the extra “water” that explains how, doing 20 repetitions to gain mass. Recall that the legs are the largest muscle group, so focusing on a set of muscles with the help of leveling feet, Randall Strossen made the right decision.

Stuart McRobert. «Think!: Bodybuilding Without Steroids»

The book is written in simple, accessible language, aimed at beginners. McRobert detail painted basic exercises, putting the emphasis on workouts without the use of pharmacology. However, many criticized the book as the author himself could not boast of bodybuilding physique. Then the author published the second part of the book, called “Think! Part 2.” She is also popular. Together the books form a coherent whole on the training approach to which requires mental effort.

Alexey Kireev. «Bodybuilding in Our or Secrets to GYM»

Kireev — russian author. His book is good because the exercises and explanations are sharpened by our mentality. He describes in detail the features of the training process on the farm, without overloading with unnecessary terms. Exercises substantially all of the base aimed at the development of Herculean strength. So his book will be able to appreciate a real “workaholic”.

Frederick Delavier. «Strength Training Anatomy»

The book, which reads more like a journal with pictures. You scroll in one breath. After reading the work Delavier you will know what muscles are involved in a particular exercise will easily be able to make myself exercise on different muscle groups. Professional this book will seem rustic, but to the beginner – most that.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. «Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding»

This author needs no introduction. In 1998, the legend of bodybuilding has published a book in which are gathered all your car and small truck training experience. And it’s huge – so “encyclopedia” consists of 5 books. All the details of the training process and nutrition you will find in this work.

Alexey Faleev. «Anti-McRobert: Think in Russian! How to train in cycles»

Alexey Faleev, as you may have guessed, based on the books of Stuart McRobert and created a book that criticizes the system of training McRobert. The author, by the way, not bodybuilder, and powerlifter. Agree that training in these disciplines is still different. Read both books and compare them. Who is right, you decide.

Vadim Protasenko. «Think! or Supertrening without Errors»

Vadim Protasenko — also the more the compiler. From the title it is clear that the author put in a basis of work of Mentzer and McRobert. However, Protasenko, indeed, has collected all the best theory and combined it into one book. If you don’t have time to read all the books about bodybuilding – this will be enough to get you started to understand all the processes and subtleties of preparation of the athlete. The book is very informative, the pictures are virtually absent, so the “light reading” it will not name.

Leonid Ostapenko, Michael Klestov. “Anabolic Agents in Modern High-Power Sports”

For anybody not a secret that professional athletes use pharmacology to achieve the most deep and voluminous muscles. This book is for anyone who wants to start using steroids. About the growth hormones and various stimulants in this book.

Herbert Shelton. «Food Combining Made Easy»

Half of success in the preparation of the athlete is proper nutrition. The world famous doctor of nutrition and fasting Herbert Shelton talks about the principles of food combining: what products can be combined, in what time of day to eat them, etc.